PyGreSQL Development and Support

PyGreSQL is an open-source project created by a group of volunteers. The project and the development infrastructure are currently maintained by D’Arcy J.M. Cain. We would be glad to welcome more contributors so that PyGreSQL can be further developed, modernized and improved.

Mailing list

You can join the mailing list to discuss future development of the PyGreSQL interface or if you have questions or problems with PyGreSQL that are not covered in the documentation.

This is usually a low volume list except when there are new features being added.

Access to the source repository

The source code of PyGreSQL is available as a Git repository on GitHub.

The current main branch of the repository can be cloned with the command:

git clone

You can also download the main branch as a zip archive.

Contributions can be proposed as pull requests on GitHub. Before starting to work on larger contributions, please discuss with the core developers using the mailing list or in a GitHub issues.

Issue Tracker

Bug reports and enhancement requests can be posted as GitHub issues.







Join the PyGreSQL mailing list if you need help regarding PyGreSQL.

You can also ask questions regarding PyGreSQL on Stack Overflow.

Please use GitHub issues only for bug reports and enhancement requests, not for questions about usage of PyGreSQL.

Please note that messages to individual developers will generally not be answered directly. All questions, comments and code changes must be submitted to the mailing list for peer review and archiving purposes.

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