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Current PyGreSQL versions

You can find PyGreSQL on the Python Package Index at
The released version of the source code is available at
You can also check the latest pre-release version at
A Linux RPM can be picked up from
A NetBSD package is available in their pkgsrc collection
A FreeBSD package is available in their ports collection
An openSUSE package is available through their build service at
A Win32 installer for various Python versions is available at

Older PyGreSQL versions

You can look for older PyGreSQL versions at

News, Changes and Future Development

See the PyGreSQL Announcements for current news.

For a list of all changes in the current version 5.0 and in past versions, have a look at the ChangeLog.

The section on PyGreSQL Development and Support lists ideas for future developments and ways to participate.


Please read the chapter on Installation in our documentation.

Distribution files

pgmodule.c the C Python module (_pg)
pgtypes.h PostgreSQL type definitions
py3c.h Python 2/3 compatibility layer for the C extension the “classic” PyGreSQL module a DB-SIG DB-API 2.0 compliant API wrapper for PygreSQL

the Python setup script

To install PyGreSQL, you can run “python install”.

setup.cfg the Python setup configuration

documentation directory

The documentation has been created with Sphinx. All text files are in ReST format; a HTML version of the documentation can be created with the command “make html” or “gmake html”.

tests/ a suite of unit tests for PyGreSQL

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